Product Testing

Testing is always the backbone of any type of development. Only when the solution is validated and verified can it be moved to production. We primarily focus on 2 types of testing methodologies, among many others :

Fault Injection testing.

Fault injection testing, also known as fault tolerance testing or reliability testing.

E-Safety has project experience in fault injection testing on HIL bench, Vehicle testing.

In this method we do software, hardware and environmental fault injection.

Safety. Reliability. Quality

Sotif Testing

“SOTIF” stands for “Safety Of The Intended Functionality.” It is a concept and a testing approach that focuses on the evaluation of the safety of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles. SOTIF testing complements traditional functional safety testing (such as ISO 26262) by addressing potential hazards that might arise from unintended behaviors or limitations in the system’s design, even when the system is functioning correctly according to its specifications.