E-SAFETY recruiters are experts at the recruitment and placement of individuals with experience in embedded software, program management, controls engineering and design. 

General Company Information

E-SAFETY recruiters are experts at the recruitment and placement of individuals with experience in embedded software, program management, controls engineering and design. Much like our executive search expertise in engineering, there are many nuances involved in targeting the best talent for each application.  We hone our matchmaking skills through diligent and thorough research in the environment of controls, software and automation industries.  Through continuing education, webinars, seminars and professional organization memberships our Recruiters are alerted to changes within the marketplace.  This allows us to keep a pulse on business and technology trends as well.

Top engineering talent is our priority

We know your time is important, and our engineering recruiters go the extra mile to ensure our candidate selection is top notch!  Our niche focus in executive search for engineering and manufacturing allows us to understand your hiring needs quickly and effectively.  We utilize cutting edge data mining techniques, coupled with old-school headhunting principles to recruit top engineering talent and gain interest in your positions.

Free review of resumes and detailed E-SAFETY Report

Receive an individual report for each candidate which includes their name, skills assessment, availability, and salary expectations.

Free to interview

Interview our candidates by phone, in person, or both! We will arrange interviews and on-board your selected candidates.

We guarantee our work

E-SAFETY stands behind our recruitment work and every candidate we present to you. We want you to hire with confidence, which is why we offer a flexible fee schedule which can be tailored to your level of comfort and hiring needs. 

Professional Engineering Staffing Services

The E-SAFETY Team specializes in engineering staffing services, connecting exceptional candidates with clients who have open positions in their organizations. Our clients rely on us for our expertise and efficient recruitment process, knowing that we can find qualified candidates within a reasonable timeframe.

Our dedicated staffing coordinators are highly organized and well-equipped to source candidates and guide them seamlessly through the hiring process. With our clients’ permission, we have access to their job/hiring portals, allowing our team to regularly submit resumes of suitable candidates to active postings. Whether our clients need part-time, full-time, contract, or direct hire candidates, we can recruit and secure individuals with the exact skill set and qualifications they require.

We understand it’s difficult to find qualified development and test engineer. At E-SAFETY, we can provide your organization with experienced engineering and operations employees. We can support your goals and needs

Streamline your controls design process

Embedded Software & Controls Development

Creating reliable controls software involves deploying accurate algorithms and simulating control systems virtually before implementing them on the intended hardware. The development process entails navigating through multiple complexities, such as selecting appropriate models for virtual system simulation, designing a resilient controller architecture, and adhering to industry-defined standards. Our software solutions feature a sturdy design and user-friendly interface, simplifying the simulation of applications and base software.

Cutting-edge Solutions with a Systematic Approach

Systems Engineering

Every software development project requires a well-defined plan. Our team of experts will provide guidance at each stage of the product development lifecycle, from idea conception to market release. Leveraging our expertise in system-level architecture models, whether for hardware or software, we will elucidate the structure, behavior, and perspectives of different components and subsystems. Moreover, all the support you receive will adhere to safety and security requirements, including functional safety, cybersecurity, threat analysis, and more. Our innovative solutions are backed by a methodical approach to ensure your project’s success.

Verification and validation testing

Comprehensive V&V Solutions during the Design Phase Conducting rigorous testing at both the system and subsystem levels is vital for detecting and addressing potential issues in the control model during the early stages of development. This approach not only optimizes the cost of software development but also emphasizes the significance of in-loop solutions tailored to your specific setup and application. Whether it’s verifying the accuracy of your simulation model or seamlessly integrating the hardware onto the test bench or within your vehicle, we prioritize maintaining the system’s quality and reliability at every step.

Vehicle Communication And Diagnostics

Enhanced Vehicle Communication and Diagnostics As the industry increasingly embraces electronically controlled architectures, establishing robust communication among powertrain, body, and chassis components becomes paramount. This entails implementing standardized communication protocols such as CAN, LIN, Ethernet, and FlexRay, while effectively conveying faults and potential risks to safety systems. To meet diagnostic requirements, including real-time data monitoring, vehicle network reverse engineering, predictive maintenance, and telematics, we offer tailored and robust solutions that align with our clients’ specific needs.

Safety. Reliability. Quality

Processes and Standards

Accelerating Development Processes with Industry-specific Frameworks Embracing industry-specific frameworks and adhering to globally accepted processes can significantly expedite development timelines. Our application software is built upon the AUTOSAR framework, empowering you to enhance vehicle functionalities within your existing model. By aligning our software engineering processes with hardware and mechanical engineering, we ensure the delivery of top-tier product quality and services in accordance with ASPICE standards. Furthermore, our adoption of a hybrid V-cycle for product development and adherence to MISRA guidelines guarantee the safety and security of our embedded control systems and software applications

Bring your design to life

Prototype Build

Beyond Application Software Development: Integration Testing and Prototyping Merely developing application software for control features often falls short; validation through integration testing enables developers to account for real-life constraints and the impacts of assumptions made during simulation and design. Prototyping empowers the development team to transfer the design onto target hardware and conduct numerous tests, including component testing, communication network evaluation, and subsystem and system-level integration. Our expertise in combining these practices and executing full-vehicle integration can play a pivotal role in helping you adhere to your project timelines

Product Development

E-Safety offers a comprehensive range of tools, basic software, and consulting services to facilitate AUTOSAR standard adoption in software development. Our solutions are designed for seamless integration into existing environments, ensuring high-quality outcomes. With mature AUTOSAR solutions, customers gain from our series production experience. We provide AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive platforms, offering basic software modules, application software, Real time environments and tools/services. Our embedded software expertise enables integration and configuration, including third-party solutions available directly through ETAS.

E-Safety has project experience in designing to functional safety requirements. We can help you classify safety goals, create technical safety concepts for hardware and software, and integrate and validate your software.

Product Testing

  •  Fault injection testing, also known as fault tolerance testing or reliability testing.
  • E-Safety has project experience in fault injection testing on HIL bench, Vehicle testing.
  • In this method we do software, hardware and environmental fault injection.

“SOTIF” stands for “Safety Of The Intended Functionality.” It is a concept and a testing approach that focuses on the evaluation of the safety of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles. SOTIF testing complements traditional functional safety testing (such as ISO 26262) by addressing potential hazards that might arise from unintended behaviors or limitations in the system’s design, even when the system is functioning correctly according to its specifications.

Technical staffing & Solutions

Software Architecture

We design and develop Software components and modules, Data management, components and modules

Functional safety Engineer

We have expertise on functional safety protocol of ISO 26262 for product development. In this process we do HARA ASIL classification, HAZOP, FTA, FMEA for qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Diagnostic specialist

We design and develop device drivers, operating system kernels, network communications drivers, and diagnostic routines.

Software Functional safety Engineer

Our technical staff has experience working on ISO 26262 chapter 6 of software functional safety. Such as software design, requirements, and V&V

Cyber security

Cybersecurity is an ongoing and evolving field, as cyber threats constantly evolve and adapt to new technologies.

E-Safety has all the network architecture knowledge and tools to quickly identify the main vulnerabilities of an ECU through penetration testing based on your required specificatio